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[Linux-aus] Re: Linux Trademark

Stewart Smith writes:

There is also the fact that these things have just taken time. Even
those of us on ctte sometimes have to go back and refresh our memories.

The confusion seems to come from an ignorance in .au about the Linux
trademark (and associated things). There is also confusion about who
needs a license and the best way to solve that is to just ask!

From the front page of www.linuxmark.org:

"to protect the public and LINUX® users of the world from unauthorized
and confusing use of the Linux® mark and to issue proper licenses to
authorized users of the Linux® mark."  LMI is not designed to generate
profits for anyone, which is why Torvalds has given LMI primary
sub-license rights for the mark. We work to protect legitimate uses of
the LINUX trademark without burdening Linus Torvalds or any one entity
with the financial responsibility of protecting the LINUX community's
use of the mark.

hope this clarifies, (we're not the evil ones - just trying to protect the good name of Linux) -- Stewart Smith (stewart@linux.org.au) Committee Member, Linux Australia

Not that I ever thought that linux.org.au was evil, I just feel you can never overestimate the human ability to get things wrong :)

James Purser
Chief Talking Guy - Linux Australia Update
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