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Re: [Linux-aus] Linux Trademark

On Tuesday 02 August 2005 19:23, James Purser wrote:
> A thread has started up on the SLUG list re an email from a Jeremy
> Malcolm claiming to represent Linus Torvalds with regards to the
> Linux trademark.

Whatever else you may think of him, Mr Malcolm is both honest and 
truthful. (-:

> After reading this article I am a little confused here:

> http://www.zdnet.com.au/news/software/0,2000061733,39156205,00.htm

Yeah, well, that's ZDNet for you. (-:

> Does this mean that Linux Australia is going to have to change it's
> name or what? Sorry it's a little late and I'm a little confused.

As I read it, it means that LA will need to make it plain that they/we 
don't own the name "Linux", same as any other business or organisation 
in Oz that uses the name.

Jeremy, I think a FAQ page is in order.

Cheers; Leon

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