[Linux-aus] Linux Trademark

Leon Brooks leon at cyberknights.com.au
Wed Aug 3 11:37:02 UTC 2005

On Wednesday 03 August 2005 11:23, Jeremy Malcolm wrote:
> I'm belatedly putting together a FAQ here (concise suggestions for
> new questions welcome):

From the FAQ:
> Can I still use the word Linux descriptively?

> Sure you can. You can say things like "I am a Linux consultant",
> "Powered by Linux", "We offer LInux support", and so on. All that
> I'm concerned about is whether you are calling your business, or
> a product or service that your business provides, by a name that
> includes "Linux". And I don't even want to stop you from doing
> that, I just want you to acknowledge that your use of the word in
> that way is under licence of the trade mark owner.      

I see some confusion here in "We offer Linux support" -- surely if 
"Linux support" is offered as a "product", that's a trademark use?

Speaking personally, I'm quite happy to write across absolutely anything 
even smelling of the name "Linux" to Mr Torvalds, who appears to not 
have a genuinely evil bone in his entire body. But quite a few people 
will want to know whether or not to bother doing that.

Cheers; Leon

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