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purserj purserj at southernphone.com.au
Wed Aug 3 10:27:01 UTC 2005

Stewart Smith writes: 

> There is also the fact that these things have just taken time. Even
> those of us on ctte sometimes have to go back and refresh our memories. 
> The confusion seems to come from an ignorance in .au about the Linux
> trademark (and associated things). There is also confusion about who
> needs a license and the best way to solve that is to just ask! 
> From the front page of www.linuxmark.org: 
>> "to protect the public and LINUX® users of the world from unauthorized
>> and confusing use of the Linux® mark and to issue proper licenses to
>> authorized users of the Linux® mark."  LMI is not designed to generate
>> profits for anyone, which is why Torvalds has given LMI primary
>> sub-license rights for the mark. We work to protect legitimate uses of
>> the LINUX trademark without burdening Linus Torvalds or any one entity
>> with the financial responsibility of protecting the LINUX community's
>> use of the mark.
> hope this clarifies,
> (we're not the evil ones - just trying to protect the good name of
> Linux)
> -- 
> Stewart Smith (stewart at linux.org.au)
> Committee Member, Linux Australia

Not that I ever thought that linux.org.au was evil, I just feel you can 
never overestimate the human ability to get things wrong :) 

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