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[Linux-aus] 2005/03/29 Committee Meeting Minutes (DRAFT)

Minutes for Linux Australia Committee Meeting
2005/03/29 21:00 +1000
Conducted over teleconference

   Jonathan Oxer (President)
   Pia Smith (Vice-President)
   Anthony Towns (Secretary)
   Mark Tearle (Treasurer)
   Geoffrey Bennett

Present by proxy:
   Andrew Cowie
   Stewart Smith

   Tony Breeds-Taurima

The meeting was opened by Jonathan Oxer, the meeting chair, at 21:08.

1. Approval of minutes for formal meeting 2005/02/22

  Motion: That the minutes of the Committee Meeting held by
  teleconference on the 22nd February 2005 accurately reflect the
  proceedings of that meeting.

The motion was proposed by Anthony Towns, and seconded by Pia Smith. The motion was passed without dissent, with six votes in favour and one abstention.

2. Change of registered office

  Motion: That Linux Australia's registered business office be changed
  to the North Sydney office of Minerva Technology Lawyers.

After discussion, it was decided that this issue could be postponed, and the motion was thus deferred until one of the executive could meet with the Minerva people.

3. Linux Professional Institute Activities Budget

  Motion: That Pia Smith be authorised access to funds necessary to
  cover LPI events and activities related to linux.conf.au 2005, with
  total amount not to exceed $2000; that Miss Smith be directed by the
  committee to show discretion in the use of such funds; and that the
  committee shall review LPI related income and expenses by 1st June
  2005, with a view to ensuring the sustainability and effectiveness
  of our involvement in LPI.

The motion was proposed by Pia Smith and seconded by Mark Tearle. After some discussion, the motion was passed unanimously.

4. Media Training

  Motion: That the quote offered to Linux Australia for media training
  in Canberra on April 20th, for a group of eight or more (to include
  the linux.conf.au 2006 organisers and others), for $4198.70
  (including GST) be accepted.

The motion was proposed by Pia Smith and seconded by Jonathan Oxer. The motion was passed unanimously.

(5) Community Code Project

  Motion: That a sub-committee of Linux Australia be established in
  accordance with the proposal presented to the committee by Matthew
  Palmer on the 26th of March, 2005, and that the Linux Australia
  committee shall offer appropriate assistance to the sub-committee,
  in particular with respect to insurance concerns. The sub-committee
  shall be known as the "Community Code Project", and the committee
  chair shall be Mary Gardiner.

Pia Smith indicated that she has participated in some of the Community Code group's meetings already, and that she was very happy for Linux Australia to get involved. The treasurer indicated that he had spoken with our insurance broker regarding Community Code's requirements, and indicated that he was confident that we could meet their needs.

The motion was proposed by Pia Smith and seconded by Jonathan Oxer. The motion was passed unanimously.

Mark Tearle will draft a sub-committee charter and send it to Mary Gardiner.

The formal portion of the meeting ended at 21:25.

Anthony Towns <secretary@linux.org.au>
Secretary, Linux Australia Inc