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Pia Smith greebo at pipka.org
Tue Apr 12 20:34:02 UTC 2005

Hi all,

Computerbank NSW have put in two grant applications over the last year and a
half for funds to help them conduct their business of refurbishing old
computers with Linux and getting them out to the socio-economically
disadvantaged community. The first grant was a line of credit (loan) for $15k over three years, however the initial application was changed and eventually not approved as Computerbank were unable to show how the money would be used to help the sustainability of their business.

The second grant was last May for the urgent transport of Computerbank
computers to the Hunter Computerbank so they could be used in the
Computerbank scheme up there, as the Hunter branch had a working process in
place and could competently process the machines that were taking up storage
costs and so on in Sydney. This grant went to the linux-aus list at the time
and wasn't challenged. The grant information is at
http://lists.linux.org.au/archives/linux-aus/2004-May/msg00000.html and was
for $1470. Linux Australia was happy to pay up to $3k for the transport
costs at the time.

We then didn't hear anything from Computerbank for
almost a year and now Computerbank have come to us with the following email
requesting $2,781.17. The committee was under the assumption the original
grant had lasped as we didn't hear again from Computerbank, however if the
community approves this spending then we are happy to go ahead with it. This
will also require that Computerbank answer any questions of the community on
this list, and that upon approval all receipts must be physically sent to
the Linux Australia post box at:

GPO Box 4788
Sydney NSW 2001

The Committee looks to the community for advice on this, and if no
reasonable reason for denying this request is made within two weeks, then we
shall go ahead with helping them out. Linux Australia believes that the work
of Computerbank is within the goals of Linux Australia to support and
promote the use of Linux and OS in Australia.

Linux Australia would also request that Computerbank please put any other
correspondence directly to this mailing list for transparency sake.

Warmest regards,
Pia Smith

Quote Mark Willis:

To the Linux Australia Committee,

  In the past there have been discussions between Linux Australia and
  ComputerBank NSW regarding a grant to cover the transportation costs
  incurred in the movement of donated computers to regional organisations.

    ComputerBank NSW (CB-NSW) is a network of regional organisations who
    aim is provide computers to those in need.  The majority of the
    computers received ordinated from businesses in Sydney.  An important
    part of CB-NSW role is to distribute these computers to the regional

      In carrying out this role of distributing the computers that are in
      Sydney to the regional units we have already incurred significant
      expenses.  Our current limited financial resources restrict our
      ability to carry out this task in the future.

        I have attached a list of transport expenses that have been incurred
        by the Hunter region, and request assistance from Linux Australia
        the reimbursement of these costs.

        Mark Willis

        ComputerBank Hunter expenditure for ComputerBank NSW Inc
        Transport costs of pick-up and delivery of donated computers
        1 July 2004 to 16 March 2005

        Item                Cost        Comment
        Fuel                $53.93      Ex Seven Hills store
        M4 Toll             $5.50
        M2 Toll             $4.90
        Bridge Toll         $3.00
        Vehicle Hire ARA Car Rentals    $177.99
        Total               $245.32

        Fuel                $39.94
        Bridge Toll         $3.00
        Vehicle Hire            donated
        Total               $42.94

        Fuel                $64.87
        Vehicle Hire            $177.99
        M2 Toll             $9.30
        Total               $252.16

        Vehicle  hire ARA Car Rentals   $178.00
        Fuel                $68.30
        Total               $246.30

        Vehicle Hire Thrifty Newcas W   $181.05
        Total               $181.05

        Fuel                $60.00
        Vehicle Hire            $178.00
        Total               $238.00

        Bridge Toll         $3.00
        Fuel                $74.25
        Vehicle Hire ARA Car rentals    $178.00
        Total               $255.25

        Vehicle Hire ARA car Rentals    $178.00
        Fuel                $59.61
        EastDist Toll           $8.00
        M4 Toll             $5.50
        Total               $251.11

        Vehicle Hire Thrifty Newcas W   $136.00
        Fuel                $45.83
        Bridge Toll         $3.00
        Total               $184.83

        Vehicle Hire Cardiff rentaCar   $375.00
        Fuel                $40.02
        Total               $415.02

        Vehicle Hire ARA Car Rentals    $356.00
        Bridge Toll         $3.00
        Fuel                $110.15
        Total               $469.19

        TOTAL EXPENDITURE       $2,781.17

        I certify the above summary of expenditure data as a true and
        record of costs in picking up and transporting into Newcastle store
        for access by CB Hunter, CB New England and (since January 05) CB
        Central Coast ex various CB Sydney stores.

        Geoff Tregenza
        ComputerBank Hunter
        16 March 2005


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