[Linux-aus] Voting Code - nearly done!

Pia Smith pia at linux.org.au
Fri Nov 26 12:11:01 UTC 2004

Hi Bret,

On Fri, 2004-11-26 at 00:27 +0800, Bret Busby wrote:
> So, in accordance with this "focus on transparency" (does that mean that 
> members can see though any suspiscious things?), what is the method of 
> voting - is it to be first past the post, or preferential? I do not 
> recall members getting a say on that issue.

Actually there have been a few discussions on linux-aus about this. The
preferential voting system was certainly the favourite and is being
built into the voting mechanism.

> In line with concerns that Anand has raised about this process, is it 
> proper for a committee member to receive paid employment from the 
> organisation, without a vote of all members? Is it proper for a 
> committee to award paid work, to one of their own, without such an 
> action being put to a vote of all of the members? Is that allowed under 
> NSW law that applies to incorporated associations?

I don't believe this is in our constitution. I guess that if such things
need to be put to the community then we can certainly do this in future.
We saw it as normal running costs of the organisation, and Stewart was
deemed the most appropriate for the job, especially given his previous
work of the code. We'll make sure this kind of expense is tabled earlier
from now on.


Pia Smith
President of Linux Australia

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