[Linux-aus] FTA circumvention devices

Anthony Towns aj at azure.humbug.org.au
Fri Mar 5 15:39:01 UTC 2004

On Fri, Mar 05, 2004 at 04:49:32PM +1100, Jan Schmidt wrote:
> > I don't honestly believe you think we have nothing to worry about.  I
> > think your points are well-meaning, but I don't want any of my friends
> > to go through a trial and risk gaol time to demonstrate it 8(
> No, I don't believe that. I was trying on the argument mainly because I'm
> currently writing DVD playback software, and I'd hate to be your friend going
> through a trial and risking gaol time.

Is it open source software, or are you planning on selling this software
in any way?

Specific examples with live demos and budgets are probably more persuasive
than hypotheticals if we're trying to make sure this ends up okay...


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