[Linux-aus] Quality of commercial hardware

Dennis Gilmore dennis at ausil.us
Fri Jun 25 13:22:53 UTC 2004

Once upon a time Thursday 24 June 2004 9:13 pm, Greg 'groggy' Lehey wrote:

> 1.  If I accept the refund, I have to go and find another scanner and
>     go through the pain of installing either the Microsoft-based stuff
>     that they supply (and who knows if it will be any better), or
>     SANE, which in the past I have found a real pain.
> 2.  It seems that the scanner hardware is fine.  All I need is
>     information on how to program it, and I can (despite my
>     reservations) use SANE.
> 3.  I feel that the vendors are getting away too lightly with just
>     refunding to people who make enough noise.  They should be made to
>     fulfil the implied contract.
> I'd be interested in any kind of discussion, including ideas on what
> to replace the scanner with.

i have a cannon LIDE 20 scanner and it works perfect with sane i cant say that 
i have done lots with it  but i have done enough to know it works well.

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