[Linux-aus] LCA in New Zealand???

Mike Beattie mjb at ethernal.org
Sun Jun 20 07:20:02 UTC 2004

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On Tue, Jun 15, 2004 at 08:24:53AM +1000, Pia Smith wrote:
> Anyway, I travelled down to Dunedin, and met up with Mike, Kelvin, Alex
> and a funny character everyone knows as Mr Goblin (he looks exactly like
> one!).

(Also known as John :P)

> I looked at the university campus, and it was excellent! Lots of space,
> excellent facilities, very pretty, etc. Mike will be posting photos or
> something of the facilities at some point for everyone to look at.
> Dunedin is a large university town, around 120,000 including around
> 30,000 students :) I've already had a few people say, "Dunedin! If it is
> in Dunedin, I'll definitely come". Lots of international speakers have
> also been keen for New Zealand.

Well, I don't have a lot of piccies available as yet, they're still on this
archaic stuff called 'film' - need to get them 'developed' or something..

Anyway, there's lots of interesting stuff floating around on the University
website, at http://www.otago.ac.nz/ . Something of interest is the Marketing
and Communication Division's little collection of photo's that are available
for purchase/use by people wanting to market the Uni and Dunedin.. (me?)

Anyway, you can browse what's available at:


They're a bit small - but you get the idea. The Uni has a *lot* of historic
buildings - Otago is the oldest university in the country.

There's even some web cams up - this one is on the corner of the building
I've earmarked for Keynotes. It looks towards the clocktower, one of the
nicest buildings on campus.


(ignore the fact it looks a bit dingy, it's winter here dammit..)

Oooo, and I just found this one, you can see the registry/clock tower
better, *and* you can see how cold it is! (winter, again, dammit... January
is a time of ~22-28 degree days.)


I'll leave it there, but will mention that there are *heaps* of things to go
and do, so it'll be a prime candidate for you folk to bring your
partners/families, and go for a bit of a holiday afterwards.

Not 4 hours away, is Queenstown, the "Adventure Capitol of the world" - Jet
boats, bungy, luge, para-you-name-it, helicopter stuff, etc, etc...

> Rock on, and many thanks to Glynn (roadtrip rocked dude!), Mike, and all
> the Dunedin crew for their hospitality and warmth.

All of us .nz folk are like that :)

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