[Linux-aus] Thank you for speaking up against Microsoft

Leon Brooks leon at cyberknights.com.au
Sat Jun 19 20:42:01 UTC 2004

I regret that I do not speak Brasilian Portugese.

I have read (translations of) many of your representations against Microsoft's 
attempts to control the software economy of your country, and recently that 
they are suing you for defamation:


If I was in your electorate I would be writing to my politicians in support of 
you, but since I live in Western Australia the most I can do is offer you 
this personal encouragement.

If Lawrence Lessig's translation of Microsoft's complaint is correct, they are 
accusing you of "excess in freedom of speech and freedom of thought". You are 
standing up to give an increasingly rare and valuable thing to the political 
and commercial communities in Brasil, and I applaud your efforts.

Cheers; Leon

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