[Linux-aus] Travel Grant Application

Jeff Waugh jdub at perkypants.org
Tue Jun 15 08:05:04 UTC 2004

Hi all,

I'd like to put in a grant application for some of the travelling I will be
doing over the next couple of months. I haven't seen a lot of applications
going through recently, so not sure what the status is. But, here goes. :-)


This month, I'm travelling to Kristiansand, Norway for GNOME's European
developer conference, GUADEC. I'll be attending GNOME Board and Advisory
Board meetings, catching up with all the GNOME dudes, and presenting. The
Foundation generally funds Board members, at the expense of sending other
hackers. Flights from Australia can limit that funding quite significantly,
so this year, I am hoping to find alternative sponsorship through Linux
Australia. :-) Also, beer in Norway is very expensive.

I'd like to apply for a grant to cover half my flight costs.

  Total flight cost: ~$2400
       Applying for: ~$1200


Next month, I'm travelling to Ottawa, Canada and Portland, Oregon, USA for
the first Desktop Developer's Conference <http://www.desktopcon.org/2004/>
and OSCON <http://conferences.oreillynet.com/os2004/>. I was considering
going to LinuxWorldExpo in San Francisco too, but it looks totally lame. I
will be speaking at OSCON (an updated version of my linux.conf.au talk from
earlier this year) and maybe at DDC. I hear that the beer in Canada is like
reconstituted prune juice, so I might have to take some supplies. Also, it
is cold.

I'd like to apply for a grant to cover a portion my flight costs. I should
be able to secure further sponsorship for this trip, in which case I will
split it down even further.

  Total flight cost: ~$3200
       Applying for: ~$1600 *maximum*


- Jeff

GVADEC 2004: Kristiansand, Norway                    http://2004.guadec.org/
           "'Cause remember, smug is beautiful." - Zachary Beane

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