[Linux-aus] AGIMO Open Source Procurement Guide for the Australian Federal Government

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Tue Jul 6 15:03:01 UTC 2004

One thing that comes to mind with Linux on the desktop ... organisations
should do an audit of the type of documents they work with and ensure
that open source alternatives will work as expected with existing

By this I mean that while OpenOffice, for example, will read Word
documents, it does not always read more complex formatting such as
complicated tables etc.

Assuming that no problems arise in this area, why wouldn't OSS be the
obvious choice!

Michael Hall

On Tue, 2004-07-06 at 10:46, Con Zymaris wrote:
> Hello all. 
> AGIMO[1] are commissioning a document (i.e sourcing guide) which will 
> provide government agencies with a better understanding of the 
> procurement processes involved for open source software and solutions.
> The emphasis of the guide is on the practical, procedural and
> policy-oriented machinery necessary to increase the likelihood of success
> in any open source procurement, along with all appropriate considerations
> for reducing risk in this relatively new procurement arena for the
> Australian government. The document will not take a pro-FOSS advocacy
> stance, remaining neutral on this topic.
> The guide will also provide a useful set of information which can be used 
> by purveyors of open source solutions, to better understand government 
> sourcing needs and processes. If you are vendor in this space, and want
> specific information included, here is your chance.
> I invite you to contact me with any and all ideas and suggestions for 
> topics which should be covered in this guide. 
> Thanks.
> [1] Australian Government Information Management Office
>     http://www.agimo.gov.au/
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