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Romana Challans romana at timelady.com
Mon Jan 26 14:56:01 UTC 2004

On Mon, Jan 26, 2004 at 03:53:08PM +1030, Michael Davies imparted:
> The following group of people have made significant contributions, in
> one way or another, to LCA2004.  This might have been running a
> miniconf, publicising the event, setting up the registration desk at
> 6:30am everyday, giving advice, manning a registration desk, getting
> coffee, getting bugged for wearing a yellow t-shirt, or or doing things
> that I didn't even notice.  All very important, and without you all the
> conference wouldn't have worked.
> Abby Challans
> Cassie ???Icecream??? Challans
> Chris Challans
> Dylan Roper
> Genny Challans
> Romana Challans
> Shaun Branden

you missed alex wallis and my own rhiannon challans:)
but the rest of my clan (listed above, dylan being rhi's b/f), are
grateful:) cassy LOVED being icecream helper!! we all had a great time -
many thanks to all involved:)))))

Romana Challans
ITShare SA Inc/ComputerbankSA 
ITShare SA/Computerbank SA gives away computer systems 
created from donated hardware and opensource software.

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