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Michael Davies michael at msdavies.net
Mon Jan 26 13:29:01 UTC 2004

I'd just like to thank the following people for their efforts in making
Linux.Conf.Au 2004 rock.  It's always hard detailing a list, because you
always leave someone out, but I want to publicly say thank you to (at
least) these people.

The core organising team (the 'orange shirts') has basically been
together as a group since before LCA2003, and have been meeting most
Monday nights throughout the year to organise the event (some meetings
went longer than 6 hours!)  These guys have given up sleep, paid
employment, ignored their families, and never want to eat pizza again,
as a result of their involvement.  Thank you all - I really owe you guys
an awful lot - I couldn't ask to be part of a better team.

Geoffrey Bennett
Lindy Bennett
Dan Shearer
Glen Turner
David Lloyd
Phil Hutton
Ryan Verner
Paul Schulz

Our speakers were great.  Many coming from overseas and/or using up
their annual leave to be part of the event.  Thank you for coming, and
giving (what I hear were :) very interesting paper and tutorial
presentations.  Our speakers were:

Jeremy Allison
Werner Almesberger
Steve Baker
Geoffrey D. Bennett
Sean Burford
James Cameron
Peter Chubb
Russell Coker
Damian Conway
Jonathan Corbet
Bdale Garbee
Jon "maddog" Hall
Phil Hazel
James Henstridge
Simon Horman (Horms)
Janis Johnson
Greg "groggy" Lehey
Arjen Lentz
Rasmus Lerdorf
Brett Lymn
Jeremy Malcolm
Ananth N Mavinakayanahalli
Paul E. McKenney
Marc Merlin
Graeme Merrall
Jonathan Oxer
Keith Packard
André Pang
Conrad Parker
Havoc Pennington
Silvia Pfeiffer
Wayne Piekarski
Martin Pool
Richard Sharpe
Dan Shearer
Gavin Sherry
Michael Still (Mikal)
Linus Torvalds
Malcolm Tredinnick
Andrew "tridge" Tridgell
Greg Ungerer
Jeff Waugh (jdub)
Matthew Wilcox (willy)
Christopher Yeoh
Patryk Zadarnowski
Con Zymaris

The following group of people have made significant contributions, in
one way or another, to LCA2004.  This might have been running a
miniconf, publicising the event, setting up the registration desk at
6:30am everyday, giving advice, manning a registration desk, getting
coffee, getting bugged for wearing a yellow t-shirt, or or doing things
that I didn't even notice.  All very important, and without you all the
conference wouldn't have worked.

Abby Challans
AJ Towns
Anand Kumria
Andrew Bennetts
Andrew Braund
Anton Blanchard
Ben Close
Ben Wannen
Bernard Balckham
Brandon Johnson
Brian Astill
Cameron Bennett
Carla Shearer
Cassie “Icecream” Challans
Chris Challans
Chris Foote
Chris Trowbridge
Chris Yeoh
Conrad Parker
Dale Long
Darryl Ross
David Hill
David Newell
Duncan Bennet
Dylan Roper
Emil Tiller
Eva Ciechorska
Genny Challans
George Patterson
Greg 'Groggy' Lehey
Hugh Blemings
Ian Loxton
James Finlay
Janet Reed
Jason King
Jeff Waugh
Jeremy Kerr
Jonathan Oxer
Julian Goodwin
Leon Brooks
Kim Hawkin
Kim Shelt
Linux Australia 2003 committee
Liz Carroll
Mark Barrington
Mark Pulford
Mark Tearle
Martin Pool
Matt Geddes
Michael Firkins
Mike O'Conner
Nick Bannon
Pia Smith
Peter Gossner
Raymond Smith
Richard Scott
Rob Brittan
Romana Challans
Sarah Tiller
Shaun Branden
Sharon Black
Stephen Hanley
Stephen White
Paul “Rusty” Russell
Trent Lloyd
Tony Breeds-Taurima
Vicky Parratt, and
Vera Melissaratos.

I'd also like to thank the Linux and Open-Source community for
supporting this event.  Thanks for coming, thanks for donating over $10k
for charity, and thank you for making it all fun to organise.

See you all in Canberra next year! :-)  They've already said they're
going to top Adelaide - so you'd better not miss it!

Michael Davies               Linux.Conf.Au Adelaide Jan 12-17 2004
michael at msdavies dot net  Australia's National Linux Conference

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