[Linux-aus] LCA2006

David Lloyd lloy0076 at adam.com.au
Sat Jan 24 09:52:02 UTC 2004


Other conferences have two year line up times.


 The venue for the "next" conference is known two years ahead.

This has the advantage that:

 1. The organisers can learn from the current conference's running and
    still have about 7 months to improve on it

 2. If you know it's going to be in Timbuctoo in two year's time then you
    can plan your budget accordingly

In Australia, this would be hard on the conference currently running because
it might detract from the current conference [i.e. we'll wait until {the
year after this year when it will be in our town} syndrome] but I think it
would settle after a year or two.

*random thought*


[ps: Canberra guessed they were getting 2005 long before any official
announcements were made - they attempted to challenge Adelaide for 2004 but
we Adelaide people had an unusual case of `Oh, let's all get along together
and pretend to be more organised than them' happening ;-P]

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