[Linux-aus] LCA2006

Ben Jensz plug at jensz.id.au
Sat Jan 24 09:42:02 UTC 2004

Anthony Towns wrote:

>No, the primary task is to make sure the conference continues the
>tradition of l.c.a as a great Linux technical conference. You can't have
>a conference without any people, but getting you personally, or Perth
>people, or Brisbane people, or Sydney people in particular just isn't
>a major priority. If it were, we'd never have left Sydney and Melbourne.
I'm not saying that it should be a priority to get anyone specifically 
from specific areas there.  But it'd be at least fair to have LCA 
accessible to at least a fair number of Aussies.

Reallly, as long as I know far enough in advance, then saving to goto an 
LCA in NZ probably wouldn't be a problem for me.  I'd probably turn it 
into a holiday after the conference anyway, the scenery would be 
fantastic and I'd probably go through way too many rolls of film in my 
SLR whilst I was there :P.

 From my personal standpoint, I'd vote for an LCA in NZ, but in 
consideration of others, I wouldn't.  Thats just the way I see it.

/ Ben

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