[Linux-aus] Re: A Big Australian Thankyou

Joice Kafer joicek at univates.br
Wed Jan 21 04:09:01 UTC 2004

Hello Pia!

I loved met you! But I got sad when David told me that you were in the 
hospital. :(  Now, are you better? I hope.
I wasn't very well at weekend. I bring one Australian flu with me...  
but today I am better. Yesterday, I was recovering myself.

Thank you so much for your invitation. I loved the Australia, the 
Australians, the all places! I want go back! :) Maybe in the next year!

The conference was really fantastic! Congratulations!

Sorry for my english... I need more your classes! (Australian and 
Chinese!) :)

Best regards,

Pia Smith wrote:

>Hi Joice,
>On behalf of Linux Australia and the Australian Linux Community I wanted
>to say thankyou for coming to LCA2004. Everyone that attended your talk
>on "The GNUrias – making a difference in Brazil!" said it was an
>excellent talk and got a lot out of it. 
>The work of the GNUrias in Brazil has been amazing, getting IT to those
>who may not otherwise have it. It brings to mind the worthy efforts of
>various Computerbank groups around Australia. I truly believe that by
>bringing technology to all people, we can actually raise the median
>standard of living for all humanity. For those who don't know, Linux
>Australia actually sponsored Joice to come to Australia to share her
>experiences and hopefully further open the communication between
>Australia and the rest of the world. At WSIS in Geneva (wsis.org) Brazil
>was one of the leading countries in Open Source initiatives, which was
>wonderful to see, and I only hope that the Australian government can
>realise that many of the benefits of Open Source are above and beyond
>the economic advantages. Open Source software and the social and
>strategic benefits it presents is giving developing countries an edge in
>IT. More to come on this when I do my write up on WSIS :)
>Rock on GNUrias, we look forward to watching your efforts and hopefully
>working with you sometime in the future. Thankyou for the t-shirt :) 
>Warmest regards,

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