[Linux-aus] Election results (executive, OCM to follow)

Ben Jensz plug at jensz.id.au
Sun Jan 18 18:59:02 UTC 2004

Jacqueline McNally wrote:

>> Broome in 2006! (-:
> I heard on the radio a couple of days ago that there are now four 
> Australian capital cities that have direct flights to/from Broome.
> It's a pretty amazing sight as you come into land, the different 
> shades of Kimberley red and blue of the ocean.
> Regards
> Jacqueline

It definitely is an amazing view.  When I flew back into Broome today 
the plane took a slightly different route than I've seen before and 
followed the coast from the south for 15-20mins before landing.  The 
colour of the water was a brilliant turquoise colour and constrasted 
against the almost glowing red coastline with the strip of beach look 
great.  Its a pity I didn't have my digital camera on standby to take 
some snaps out the window as we were approaching Broome.

If anyone wanted to seriously do an LCA in Broome, it would technically 
be possible if we could get the right people locally involved (namely 
TAFE and the Shire as those two have appropriate venues close to each 
other).  If it was held at a time of year when there wasn't so many 
tourists around, there would be heaps of accomodation available.  Broome 
during peak tourist season swells from a local population of 15000 to 
over 3 times that figure at its peak, so there would be more than enough 
choice of accomodation for ~500 people.

I think the big aim of Leon's little slideshow was to make people think 
a little bit outside of the square and consider that LCA doesn't 
necessarily have to be run in a capital city, or even a big capital city.

/ Ben

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