[Linux-aus] Legal issues, minutes? [Was: State representation on the board]

Jeff Waugh jdub at perkypants.org
Sat Jan 10 02:42:02 UTC 2004

<quote who="Leon Brooks">

> Yes. AfC is considering a newsletter which I guess counts as "regular
> announcements". Several of the minutes were held up pending legal advice,
> otherwise they tracked reasonably well (typically a week or two after the
> meeting, modulo that legal issue plus one delay while AfC was uber-busy
> overseas).

No one from the committee actually made it known that there were legal
issues in the way of providing the community with any information about the
work of the committee. I pinged you guys a few times, but didn't receive any
response that indicated the minutes could not be published.

So, what were the legal issues preventing LA from letting us know what was
happening with the organisation *at all*? Are they sorted out now? Will the
next committee have to deal with them?

- Jeff

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