[Linux-aus] AGM agenda tweaking: patches herein

Leon Brooks leon at cyberknights.com.au
Fri Jan 9 15:52:02 UTC 2004

On Fri, 9 Jan 2004 11:01, Andrew Cowie wrote:

Gary was indeed OCM.

My informal crowd tally was around 200. The Octagon seats 800. We could 
probably get an accurate tally from enough photos.

> Andrew Cowie allowed that he was taking notes and volunteered to
> take minutes for the remainder of the meeting. 

...and hasn't stopped since. (-:

> Anand stated that the Organization is Incorporated in [NSW]

Kind of OT, but wasn't at least one critic of that idea present at the 

> Paul “Rusty” Russell was asked to run the elections in as an
> impartial observer. 

...and run them he did (as opposed to walking them).

The Ian who nominated David Lloyd for Vice was probably Ian Loxton.

I think Jason King was nominated by one of the UCC crew, possibly Mark 

Mark is Tearle not Teale and was seconded by me.

Jamie Hermitt may be have been nominated by Matt Kemner.

"Gary ?" as an OCM was Gary Allpike, and I nominated him. He had a lot 
of seconders but I don't remember sho was picked.

Not sure who nominated me (there were several) but I'm fairly certain 
that the LCA2003 organisers were prominent among them, so pick one of 
them. James Bomberger? Bernard Blackham? Adrian Woodley? Tony 
Breeds-Taurima? Mark Gaynor? Anyone want to confess? (-:


James Henstridge may have nominated Jeff Waugh (seems likely 'coz 
they're both GNOME zealots :-)

Tridge was nominated by lots of people, including Rusty and me. Pick 
Rusty. (-:

I've scratched my head a lot, but no more data's coming out.

Cheers; Leon

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