[Linux-aus] State representation on the board: vision for LA

Jeff Waugh jdub at perkypants.org
Fri Jan 9 10:24:01 UTC 2004

<quote who="Anthony Towns">

> In any event, informal policies like this are _exactly_ the reason why
> it's useful to have someone local who's in the know and can clue you in on
> them. Resending mail once a day is a good way of pissing off a lot of
> people into ignoring you forever, it's certainly not something I'd try out
> of the blue. Cold calling people you don't know well, who've got day jobs
> on issues you think are important but they might not give a damn about
> doesn't seem particularly sensible either.

Dude, this is what the committee is for. If we can't contact them, bug them,
make sure they communicate with us, call them, ask that they be responsible
for their roles, then we have a problem.

I think you are using this as an excuse to make your point. The committee
*are* accountable to us. If you are not comfortable with contacting the
committee or working with them - as the rest of us are! - then I don't think
the problem is on the committee's side.

You have no reason to feel uncomfortable about contacting the committee, or
ensuring that they do your job. Even if you - like I have on a couple of
occasions this year - get an icy reception some of the time. :-)

- Jeff

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