[Linux-aus] State representation on the board

David Lloyd lloy0076 at adam.com.au
Thu Jan 8 19:18:02 UTC 2004


> Mmm. I haven't ignored LA for the past year either. Can't say the same
> for all that many others in Qld though.

Ah ell.

> > That is just silly; if you need proof we've both just shown
> > incredible dedication to LCA 2004, him more so [don't let him convince
> > you otherwise] and we're not about to go "Oh, so SA has not LA reps so
> > we're going to sulk.".
> Of course you're not. But without any actually communication with LA,
> there's not much you're going to actually be able to do.

However, I happen to:

 * be the most talkative person on LinuxSA
 * run the CSDN-SA
 * run OSBN-SA
 * am heavily involved in ITShare SA Inc (i.e. Computerbank)
 * attend most SA auug meetings

...whilst I have my differences with my fellow South Australians, I do know
what they think for the most part and I put forward their points of view
tinted by my own perspecitve and character.

> It's hard to give input for things you only find out about once they're
> well and truly over. I seem to have an email in my archives to Pia
> from Feb suggesting accepting donations on behalf of other projects,
> and suggesting scholarships for Honours-level projects. I got a reply
> from Pia on the 4th, and it seems to have been discussed in the meeting
> of the 5th; though I didn't hear anything more about it.

Yes, this may be so. However I wanted them to sponsor OSBN-SA and I prodded
them every month and sometimes every week until I got the answser.
Persistence :-)

> Anyway, as far as investigative skills go, I'd be interested in seeing
> someone with more average abilities come up with URLs that give better
> explanations.

Some of the explanations are unwritten...

> > I understand what you are saying but that example is a tad silly in my
> > opinion.
> *shrug* How much involvement and input in Linux Australia has there
> been from Queensland this year. How about WA? Do you really think the
> difference is best explained by claiming everyone in Queensland is
> uninterested, incompetent or lazy?

No, I don't claim it is "best" explained by that. But it's not "best"
explained by your supposition either...

> > > Personally, I think as a first step we should increase the number of
> > > ordinary ctte members to perhaps six or seven, so we don't have to
> > > make choices like "drop Anand from the committee, or don't have any
> > > involvement from one of ACT/South Australia/Queensland for a year".
> > A good suggestion :-)
> But not one that I think's justified unless havine a rep from each state
> on the LA ctte is considered worthwhile.

It most likely is...but I don't think it's necessarily necessary...


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