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Anthony Towns aj at azure.humbug.org.au
Thu Jan 8 19:09:43 UTC 2004

On Thu, Jan 08, 2004 at 09:24:34PM +1030, David Lloyd wrote:
> If noone from SA gets elected to Linux Australia, this won't mean that
> Michael or I (to take two examples - and I use Michael as an example because
> I know that I can speak for him in this) will suddenly allow SA to not be
> involved in LA. 

Mmm. I haven't ignored LA for the past year either. Can't say the same
for all that many others in Qld though.

> That is just silly; if you need proof we've both just shown
> incredible dedication to LCA 2004, him more so [don't let him convince you
> otherwise] and we're not about to go "Oh, so SA has not LA reps so we're
> going to sulk.".

Of course you're not. But without any actually communication with LA,
there's not much you're going to actually be able to do.

> > For example, here's my summary of what LA's been doing over the past year.
> > 	* Supported linux.conf.au
> > 	* Supported linmagau
> > 	* Sent Pia off to foreign parts for some reason
> > 	* Started a project for giving small amounts of money to some
> > 	  free software projects that didn't really get anywhere
> > 	* Considered accepting donations on behalf of some free software
> > 	  projects but didn't get anywhere at all
> > 	* Posted links to a bunch of news articles on the mailing list
> > 	* Had some friendly chats with AUUG, establishing a good working
> > 	  relationship
> > Personally I expect people who've had a chat with Leon or Pia about
> > Linux Australia anytime in the past few months could give a much better
> > summary than that. Unfortunately, if you're not in Sydney or Perth,
> > you don't get much chance to do that.
> To be horridly fair, that's as much a reflection on your investigative
> skills as well. And what input have you given to any of them...

It's hard to give input for things you only find out about once they're
well and truly over. I seem to have an email in my archives to Pia
from Feb suggesting accepting donations on behalf of other projects,
and suggesting scholarships for Honours-level projects. I got a reply
from Pia on the 4th, and it seems to have been discussed in the meeting
of the 5th; though I didn't hear anything more about it.

Anyway, as far as investigative skills go, I'd be interested in seeing
someone with more average abilities come up with URLs that give better

> > In summary: we've got a choice, we can either have local involvement in
> > Linux Australia in six Australian capital cities, or not.
> I understand what you are saying but that example is a tad silly in my
> opinion.

*shrug* How much involvement and input in Linux Australia has there
been from Queensland this year. How about WA? Do you really think the
difference is best explained by claiming everyone in Queensland is
uninterested, incompetent or lazy?

> > Personally, I think as a first step we should increase the number of
> > ordinary ctte members to perhaps six or seven, so we don't have to make
> > choices like "drop Anand from the committee, or don't have any involvement
> > from one of ACT/South Australia/Queensland for a year".
> A good suggestion :-)

But not one that I think's justified unless havine a rep from each state
on the LA ctte is considered worthwhile.


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