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Stewart Smith stewart at linux.org.au
Wed Jan 7 14:40:53 UTC 2004

What would also be great is an up-to-date list of such organisations so
people can look them up.

LA is happy to host it - and will provide strong encouragement for the
creation of such a system (preferably where orgs can update their own

Hey - maybe someone can sponsor the creation of it - come on web
hackers/industry ppl - put some code out and get some free "Created By
BLAH as a contribution to the Australian Linux Community" statements
over the site.

this would rock :)

On Wed, 2004-01-07 at 16:29, Con Zymaris wrote:
> Some months back, we started discussing (on these lists) the creation of a
> national peak-body of for-profit organisations, firms and consultancies
> which work with Free & Open Soure Software (FOSS). The purpose of such an
> organisation would be to co-ordinate marketing and evangelism exercises,
> targeting increased penetration of FOSS in the corporate, government and
> education sectors, helping members build their businesses in the process.
> I've been in discussions with people from WA, SA, Tas, NSW & ACT about
> what form such a body should take and have a few models for consideration.
> LCA 2004 would be a natural place to discuss this further.
> Seek me out if you are interested in helping.
Stewart Smith <stewart at linux.org.au>
Linux Australia Inc
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