[LACTTE] Re: [Linux-aus] Constitution Version 6 - Last one!

Andrew Cowie andrew at operationaldynamics.com
Sun Jan 4 16:50:01 UTC 2004

On Sun, 2004-01-04 at 19:16, Pia Smith wrote:
> [ ... An amendment, now v7 ... ]

Thanks Pia, Jeff, Brad!

In case you're wondering...

This came about from a conversation Pia and I are having just now; I'm
Secretary [until next week, anyway ;)] and so I'm the drone who is
supposed to be approving new memberships. We realized that it was
unclear whether or not I can take action, or whether a formal Committee
Meeting needs to be held in order to have a formal Motion to approve
each application.

Obviously, the latter is stupid and bureaucratic. I'm so glad we're
having an opportunity to clean such stuff up in the Constitution...

Meanwhile, I hope to be able to get new memberships approved tonight, at
latest tomorrow. [New system. Has glitches. Working with developer to
get glitches sorted out. Grrr]


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