[Linux-aus] Nomination: Jeff Waugh

Jeff Waugh jdub at perkypants.org
Sun Jan 4 12:23:02 UTC 2004


I'd like to nominate for a general committee member position. I'm doing this
because there is very little time before nominations close, and there have
been very few nominations so far - most alarmingly from current committee
members. My commitments are largely elsewhere, but Linux Australia needs to
have another successful, thriving year to really get things rolling, and it
can't do that without a committee.

If there aren't enough nominations posted so that you end up having to vote
for me, here's why I'd be at least useful for Linux Australia:

  * I have experience in non-profit Free Software related organisations,
    internationally as a Director of the GNOME Foundation, and in the
    Australian community as a former President of the Sydney Linux User's

  * I play an active role in organisations that I commit to. While I have
    other commitments, were I elected to the LA committee, I would not be
    half-arsed about it. (Read: Don't vote for me, but if you have to, I
    won't let you down.)

  * I grok linux.conf.au, and feel strongly that even as the LA committee
    becomes more relevant and active, linux.conf.au organisation should be
    firmly in the hands of the local, volunteer (!) teams as it has been in
    the past. I was on the linux.conf.au 2001 organising team. Oh, actually,
    I would get militant if anyone started futzing around with the no-caps
    thing. I know that's a topical issue, so I probably shouldn't alienate
    potential voters here by saying that I will guzzle their blood like
    electrolyte replacement sports drink if they spell it any other way.

  * LA needs to set dramatically new standards of operation and expectations
    of transparency and performance to what we have seen in the past (and to
    a lesser extent, in the last year). While I believe it is certainly on
    the right track, LA needs to be accountable to the .au Free Software
    community, transparent in its operations, open to contribution, and in
    constant communication with interested individuals (linux-aus@) and the
    user groups around the country (lug@). LA has had a year of fixing so
    far: let's make sure the right standards and traditions are in place to
    have a satisfying organisation in the future.

  * Once LA gets out of its introspective fixage stage, it would help to
    have some points on the direction and strategy board ready to go. Some
    time spent working on that - plus expressing it and getting feedback
    from the community - would be a good idea this year.

  * I seldom wear pants, and do not say 'mate'.

Bottom line: I don't want to be on the committee. I would like to contribute
to Linux Australia in other ways. But if there aren't enough nominations, I
would be a reasonably good, caring and active person to default to.


- Jeff

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