[Linux-aus] Media Officer/Group update

Stewart Smith stewart at linux.org.au
Thu Feb 19 09:11:02 UTC 2004

At our last ctte meeting, we had a healthy discussion about the idea
raised (and healthily discussed on linux-aus) of a "Media Center" for
Linux Australia.

- Rusty points out that any organization worth it's salt has a top
level, very prominent link on its website for media/press interest.

- It is felt by the ctte that developing and debating strategy in the
open would potentially sabotage our efforts quite badly. This is because
the punch could be taken away, or people could be quoted when simply
throwing ideas around and not carefully formulating a response. (we
don't want to be quoted saying "that's utter crap" when what we really
want out there is "could be detrimental" - the rest of the world doesn't
necessarily get the way we talk via email :)

- As for representation, the consensus was that it *should* be an
elected member of the Linux Australia Committee that is speaking for
Linux Australia.

-Michael described a process whereby representatives from the community
who directly contribute to a media team could prepare a release or
brief, and leave final ratification to the President, who after all is
the likely person to be speaking to such points in the public view. 

-It was agreed that regardless of the composition or participation of a
Media team, someone on Committee needs to be Media Liason and
responsible back to the Committee, as the elected body representing the
Linux Australia Membership. 

Currently, due to committee workloads on a number of things, the setting
up and running of a specific media group may have to wait a few weeks
until there's enough resources around.

This is something that we feel needs to be done right. Michael Davies is
a name that's been thrown around for the official ctte liason (which is
kinda funny - usually it's the people *not* at the meetings who get all
the work :)

so, to summarise:
1. we like it
2. give us a few weeks (at least so michael can return to normality - i
mean, non post-lca lifestyle :)

The full (DRAFT) minutes of the meeting, as always, can be found at:
Stewart Smith <stewart at linux.org.au>
Linux Australia Inc
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