[Linux-aus] Never mind the MyDoom crap, make some noise about this!

Ian Callahan icalla at bigpond.net.au
Mon Feb 9 21:30:29 UTC 2004

Sorry. I must correct what I said about b).

On Mon, 2004-02-09 at 23:38, Ian Callahan wrote:

> > (b)'s disappointing, but I don't think it affects Linux or Open Source
> > at all.
> Consider: "Hi Mr. ISP! My name's Darl. I believe you are mirroring a
> pirate OS called Linux which infringes our IP. Please desist!"
> > 
It should have been "Hi Mr ISP! My name's Darl. I believe one of your
clients is mirroring a pirate OS which infringes our copyright. Please
stop him. (Or else...)"


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