[Linux-aus] Organizing an Australian Open Source Roadshow?

Paul Shirren shirro at shirro.com
Thu Feb 5 23:27:01 UTC 2004

You sort of get that feeling don't you. First the SA government puts out 
a survey to find out who provides Open Source services in this state.

Then they run an internal survey to find out who runs OSS in government 
departments, and how they do their procurement.

It is like watching a lumbering giant trying to put a jigsaw together. I 
am not sure they are going about it the right way, but stepping in to 
help looks kind of scary.

Con Zymaris wrote:
> The message from government is that they don't need any more lobbying.  
> They need FOSS companies to offer appropriate solutions and to understand
> how to sell into government. Hate to say it, but government procurement
> people don't want to deal with a 'community' they want to deal with
> 'industry'.

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