[Linux-aus] Media Officer Now

Colin Charles byte at aeon.com.my
Wed Feb 4 17:26:02 UTC 2004

On Wed, 2004-02-04 at 15:03, Paul Shirren wrote:

> I think the media is only part of the picture though. I just visited the 
> education part of the OpenOffice site 
> http://marketing.openoffice.org/education/schools/ courtesy of a 
> linmagau reference. This really interests me. How to get a bunch of 
> those colour fliers and an Openoffice CDs out to every school in the 
> country...hmmmm.

In fact, if people are interested in doing this here (as in Australian
schools sending CDs elsewhere), I'll be happy to make the match.

Or if some good corporate sponsor is willing to do something like this.
Rock on!

Incidentally, OSV had a similar CD "giveaway" recently - it went to IT
teachers iirc, but I'm not sure as to how successful this has been (i.e.
has there been any feedback, do students have access to the CDs,
etc...). Maybe Con can enlighten us a little.
Colin Charles, byte at aeon.com.my

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