[Linux-aus] Media Officer Now

Paul Shirren shirro at shirro.com
Wed Feb 4 12:05:01 UTC 2004

I would like to see a small marketing committee running a marketing 
website with press releases, facts, posters, school projects etc. 
Perhaps off the opensource.org.au site or the linux.org.au site.

Perhaps using http://marketing.openoffice.org/ as a model.

We would need a Media section on the website with all our press 
releases, resource, photos, biographies, logos etc for the whole open 
source community in Australia including LA, AUUG, OSIA etc. A single 
media friendly clearinghouse for OSS news.

The marsrover website is a good example, with sections for media, kids etc.

I think it is preferable, given the many talented people within the 
community to have a single outlet for a number of voices, than to have a 
single person talking for us all. The marketing committee could be handy 
for providing editorial advice/cooling off time in some cases though ;-)

It must be tough for the media these days to get news with reduced 
resources etc. If we hand it all to them on a plate, that has got to 
help them.

I think the media is only part of the picture though. I just visited the 
education part of the OpenOffice site 
http://marketing.openoffice.org/education/schools/ courtesy of a 
linmagau reference. This really interests me. How to get a bunch of 
those colour fliers and an Openoffice CDs out to every school in the 

Marco Ostini wrote:
>>>representing Open Source AS A WHOLE to call upon for comment.
>>>That's why we need a media office.  Now.
>>I'd think having a "Media" link to a separate page on LA would be a good
>>start, with an email link, a handful of small in-a-nutshell pages -
>>"What is Linux?" "What is Open Source?" "Who are Linux Australia?" -
>>and a list of press releases would be good.
>>Let's have a whack at a MyDoom release:
> I hate it when events over take you.
> At the Linux.conf I spoke with Tridge about this issue. You see, it
> really is very very important that LA appoints or just 'delegates' to
> someone the very necessary task of "Media Officer". Someone who we trust
> that speaks on behalf of Linux/FOSS in Au. 
> Last year I was in communication with Pia regarding some efforts of mine
> to influence mainstream media, in the form of the ABC & SBS, to run with
> some FOSS/Linux stories.
> They did show signs of interest but more gentle massaging was necessary.
> You see, LA can't just release one press release to react to SCO/MS
> FUDing over MyDoom, it needs to be an ongoing relationship with the
> mainstream media, so they begin to understand some of the FOSS concepts
> that we all take for granted. 
> *** Linux on the Desktop == Linux (& FOSS) in the Mainstream. ***
> And this simple fact also means that LA needs to take the dissemination
> of Linux/FOSS related information very seriously. It's a full time daily task.
> For this year, as Linux is bursting into the Mainstream (like it or not)
> we need to have as specific goals;
> *Rusty, or someone from Au equally respected appearing on Denton's
> Enough Rope,
> *Linus on Letterman.
> Without this struggle for hearts and minds of ordinary people we provide
> an environment ripe for lots of FUDing by those who want penguin blood.
> So could we have a serious discussion of the formation of a "Media
> Officer" for LA please.
> Cheers,
> Marco

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