[Linux-aus] Media Officer Now

Jeff Waugh jdub at perkypants.org
Wed Feb 4 11:58:02 UTC 2004

<quote who="Leon Brooks">

> I think a small subcomittee and private list of maybe three to five
> people, and make it be that potential and final releases need to be
> enlisted and CC'ed to committee@ in case there's any faux pas in there
> that need mentioning, then passed by at least two from media@ and vetoed
> by none before launch. I want something which can be fast if needed, but
> doesn't burden the main committee any further.

Suggestion: Keep visibiliy up (make sure all the committee, and potentially
the LUG list can see the progress) and curtail random noise socially, not
technically (ie. yell at people instead of having a private black-hole
mailing list).

- Jeff

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