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Marco Ostini m.ostini at uq.edu.au
Wed Feb 4 11:05:01 UTC 2004

> > representing Open Source AS A WHOLE to call upon for comment.
> > That's why we need a media office.  Now.
> I'd think having a "Media" link to a separate page on LA would be a good
> start, with an email link, a handful of small in-a-nutshell pages -
> "What is Linux?" "What is Open Source?" "Who are Linux Australia?" -
> and a list of press releases would be good.
> Let's have a whack at a MyDoom release:
> ... 

I hate it when events over take you.

At the Linux.conf I spoke with Tridge about this issue. You see, it
really is very very important that LA appoints or just 'delegates' to
someone the very necessary task of "Media Officer". Someone who we trust
that speaks on behalf of Linux/FOSS in Au. 

Last year I was in communication with Pia regarding some efforts of mine
to influence mainstream media, in the form of the ABC & SBS, to run with
some FOSS/Linux stories.

They did show signs of interest but more gentle massaging was necessary.

You see, LA can't just release one press release to react to SCO/MS
FUDing over MyDoom, it needs to be an ongoing relationship with the
mainstream media, so they begin to understand some of the FOSS concepts
that we all take for granted. 

*** Linux on the Desktop == Linux (& FOSS) in the Mainstream. ***

And this simple fact also means that LA needs to take the dissemination
of Linux/FOSS related information very seriously. It's a full time daily task.

For this year, as Linux is bursting into the Mainstream (like it or not)
we need to have as specific goals;

*Rusty, or someone from Au equally respected appearing on Denton's
Enough Rope,
*Linus on Letterman.

Without this struggle for hearts and minds of ordinary people we provide
an environment ripe for lots of FUDing by those who want penguin blood.

So could we have a serious discussion of the formation of a "Media
Officer" for LA please.



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