[Linux-aus] Linux (LPI) Training

Les Bell lesbell at lesbell.com.au
Mon Feb 2 16:56:02 UTC 2004

Yukun Song <javlux at yahoo.com.au> wrote:

IBM's courses seem very expensive. I don't think they are suitable for
preparing for LPI since it is designed for testing generic Linux knowledge
on common hardware base, but neither on IBM Power machine(RISC) nor for
applications developed by IBM.

IBM is a Platinum Sponsor of LPI, its courses *are* designed specifically
to meet and exceed LPI's requirements, and are *certified* as such by
ProCert. They are taught on x86 hardware using a variety of distributions
and covering commands common to most distributions, with attention to
variations such as package management.

IBM does have separate courses which deal with - for example - Linux on
mainframes, and with configuration of IBM applications like Lotus Domino,
DB2 and WebSphere on Linux - but those are not the courses being discussed


--- Les Bell, RHCE, CISSP

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