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IBM's courses seem very expensive. I don't think they are suitable for preparing for LPI since it is designed for testing generic Linux knowledge on common hardware base, but neither on IBM Power machine(RISC) nor for applications developed by IBM.

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Rasjid Wilcox wrote:

So does anyone have any experience with any of the above, or can make other

suggestions? I don't really want to go on a RHCE course, since at this
I'm more interested in improving my knowledge of Debian and getting LPI

One other supplier you should investigate is IBM. IBM IT Education Services
has quite a comprehensive Linux curriculum, which you can see at
It sounds as though the course you need is LX03

The core courses have been certified and approved by LPI (via ProCert) and
now carry the LPI-C logo (IBM is, of course, a Platinum Sponsor of LPI)..
The courses are distribution-agnostic (for example, package management
deals with both RPM and .deb package formats and tools), with the exception
that detailed instructions for lab exercises are written around Red Hat and
SuSE. The materials are amongst the best I've seen; they're developed in
Europe but used around the world, and there's an active network of
instructors who are perpetually feeding back improvements, dealing with
issues, etc.

As well as running our own courses, we also supply instructors to IBM, and
both my colleague Rod and I have taught many of their courses around
Australia, as well as speaking at IBM Linux conferences in Europe and
Australia. It wouldn't worry me particularly if you wanted to run Debian
throughout a course - in fact, I've often handed out Debian, Mandrake and
other distributions to the more advanced students in those courses (I
prefer the novices to stick with RH or SuSE so the detailed lab exercise
instructions will work). The differences between distros actually raise
interesting points about how things work which further enhance learning.

You can ring IBM on 1 800 801 088. If you have any questions about the
detailed content of their courses (I have them all on my shelves), feel
free to contact me directly. I'll email you separately with some
possibilities for LB&A courses.


--- Les Bell, RHCE, CISSP

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