[Osia-discuss] Re: [Linux-aus] Meeting with Chinese Government representatives re Linux.

David Kempe dave at solutionsfirst.com.au
Thu Dec 23 12:41:15 UTC 2004

Shane MacPhillamy wrote:
> I was making comment with regard to my experience of Greater China, 
> Taiwan, Hong Kong, and South Korea. If you have your experience to sell, 
> you will likely find being presented with the eventuality of giving away 
> your experience with little to sell once you convince your customer you 
> have something to sell.

I realise people have had mixed relations with Chinese companies, and I 
doubt that this Chinese oppurtunity will be useful for my company, but 
if its of any help at all, I have a friend who made alot of money 
working with Chinese companies and selling them Australian products. He 
was a pioneer in the field in his day and is since retired, but if 
people really need frank business advice, I can approach him if anyone 
is interested. He was responsible for the first long-term trade 
agreement between Australia and China for the sale of coal tar pitch.



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