[Linux-aus] Linux Australia and China

Craig Warner craigw at blue.net.au
Wed Dec 22 19:12:02 UTC 2004

After the recent discussions about Linux Australia meeting with 
representatives of the Chinese Government, it would be best to look into 
what AUSTRADE is upto with Open Source [1]. After a search on the 
AUSTRADE site produced a few interesting pages, such as one titled 
"Information and Communications Technology to China" [2] , at the top of 
the page was the following:

The rapid development of China’s ICT industry *provides many 
opportunities for supply and cooperation*. The key areas include:

    * *Linux*

Further searching produced another page [3] on *China IP Seminars back 
in 2003*, sadly a bit too late for Linux Australia but useful 
information about what AUSTRADE is doing with ICT in China.

Also as a suggestion, I put forward a recommendation that Linux 
Australia puts in a public submission to the China FTA Feasibility Study 
Taskforce [4]. After the behaviour of the Government on the AUSFTA, it 
is doing the same with this by Australia-China FTA feasibility study as 
this is being 'fast-tracked' and completed by the end of March 2005. Not 
much time eh!

E-mail: chinafta at dfat.gov.au <mailto:chinafta at dfat.gov.au>
Fax: (+61 2) 6112 2468

Post: China FTA Study Taskforce
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
R. G. Casey Building, John McEwen Crescent

Another interesting note on the side line, is that both Singapore and 
Chile (who also have FTA's with the USA), are also pushing ahead with 
FTA's with China. Remember both Singapore and Chile both have those 
funny little 'Chapter 17' as Australia does. Sneaky!

Merry Christmas all


[1] http://www.austrade.gov.au/
[4] http://www.dfat.gov.au/geo/china/fta/update_041215.html

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