[Linux-aus] RE: [Osia-discuss] Meeting with Chinese Government representative s re Linux.

Marc Englaro marc.englaro at si2.com.au
Mon Dec 13 18:42:02 UTC 2004

My 2c worth.  Bruce, Conrad, Brendan, can you add your bits?

> The main questions they asked were:
> 1) How do you make money from Linux?
We talked about dual licensing, consulting, technical and support services,
ASP etc. Examples discussed included MySQL and SugarCRM.

> 2) Where has open source been used/implemented within Australia?
NSW RTA, Commerce and others. Each agency making their own decisions.

> 3) does the Australian government support open source desktops?
> 4) where is LotD implemented in Australian Government?
Some interest from RTA and Commerce,

> 5) what do we think of requiring software to be licensed under the
> 6) what do we think of OSRM?
> 7) what are the IP issues with Linux vs BSD?

> 8)  does the Australian Government use an Australian Linux
Mixture of RedHat, Suse, Debian. No mainstream Australian distro.

> 9) Is there a common Australian Linux Distro?
Not that is commonly used.

> 10) Do we have many kernel or driver developers in Australia?
Lots :)

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