[Linux-aus] Linux Australia Nominations Open!

Pia Smith pia at linux.org.au
Sun Dec 12 23:51:01 UTC 2004

Hi all,

So Linux Australia elections have rolled around again. For the last
couple of years the AGM has been held in a public forum at the
linux.conf.au conference. At the last AGM some changes to the
constitution were approved by the Linux Australia membership, enabling us
to run the AGM and elections online. This means equal opportunity to
people wanting to nominate, and put their case online, as well as
strictly keeping to the 12 months requirement between AGMs, regardless
of when LCA itself runs.

This isn't the AGM notice, that will go out to the members by the normal
procedure from the secretary, however the LA committee have set the
dates and procedure:
	Dec 12th - Nominations opened for the seven positions and tested. All
nominations must be seconded. A person can nominate themselves.
	Jan 5th - All committee reports are posted online, IRC meeting opened,
questions answered by committee.
	Jan 8th - Nominations close at midnight and IRC discussion closed. Logs
posted with reports.
	Jan 8th - Voting period starts as soon as nominations close - this is
completely online, you will need your name and membership number. This
can be acquired from the membership page
	Jan 15th - Voting period stops, results announced on mailing lists, and
any discussions taken to linux-aus mailing list.

Linux Australia will still be giving a presentation at linux.conf.au as
to the status or Linux Australia and cool stuff coming up at the time.


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