[Linux-aus] Volunteers requested to be returning officers

Andrew Cowie andrew at operationaldynamics.com
Wed Dec 8 20:24:01 UTC 2004


I'd like to call for volunteers: we need two or so people from the Linux
Australia community to act as returning officers for the upcoming annual
election for the Managing Committee.

As we will be holding the election online this year, I need to ask for
people who has some web coding skills (PHP and Postgres). The tasks we
need help with are:

        a) go through the voting code, and establish a level of
        confidence that it's going to do the right thing;
        b) as the election runs, to vet the results and make sure they
        make sense;
        c) announce the results at the AGM.
The AGM is scheduled for mid January, so this won't occupy more than one
month. The voting code is almost ready, is GPL [and open to inspection],
and certainly could welcome your contributions so that we get this right
- both for our own use and as a service to other Linux organizations
worldwide (two at least have expressed interest!)

Anyone interested in helping on the coding level should reach out to
Stewart Smith directly. Anyone willing to be one of the returning
officers is invited to reply email to me. The only true requirement is
that you not be planning to stand for election this year.

We'd like to open nominations shortly, so your help is appreciated.


Linux Australia

Andrew Frederick Cowie

Operations Consultants and Infrastructure Engineers

Sydney:   +61 2 9977 6866
New York: +1 646 472 5054
Toronto:  +1 416 848 6072
London:   +44 207 1019201

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