[Linux-aus] SaMBa using all available CPU

lug at phormix.com lug at phormix.com
Wed Dec 1 15:36:01 UTC 2004

Did you swap to a different architecture? Not sure how you installed
samba, but if it was compiled from source with optimizations under one
architecture it might be flakey under another. Kernel optimization another
Also, check that DMA is turned on with the hard drive? :
hdparm /dev/hda (etc etc)

I have a client site which runs an MDB (MS-Access) based application on
a dozen or so MS-Windows workstations of various genres. The owner
recently swapped the motherboard, CPU and RAM as an experiment to see
whether occasional random crashes were due to hardware.

The crashes appear to have gone away, but now a handful of smbd
processes are hogging all available CPU (LoadAverage of about 3), and
the machine's running like a dog. Plenty of RAM and disk available.
I've tried switching OpLocks and the like on and off both wholesale and
selectively to no obvious benefit.

Anyone have any brilliant ideas?

Cheers; Leon

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