[Linux-aus] Web maintainer needed! :)

Aviss,Tyler phormix at phormix.com
Wed Dec 1 08:33:02 UTC 2004

I might be able to help with this, if you don't mind a non-Aussie 
updating your webspace :-)


Tyler Aviss

Pia Smith wrote:

>Hi all,
>So the new LA website is going pretty well, however the web contributors
>are currently snowed under. Is there anyone around who would like to
>take on doing the updates for the site? It would be probably 1-2 hours a
>week, with vendor updates, usergroup updates, updating the thankyou page
>and projects pages. The website is held in Arch, which isn't too hard to
>use once set up, and we can certainly help get you set up and used to
>It isn't a lot of work, and you would earn the love and adoration of the
>community and committee :) Plus it probably wouldn't look bad on the ol'

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