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Subject: Free Public Seminar: The Culture War

Intellectual Property Research Institute of Australia
The University of Melbourne
www.ipria.org <http://www.ipria.org/>  

Free Public Seminar - Thursday 12 August (Melbourne)

"Culture War" 
Dr Dan Hunter, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
"A spectre is haunting multinational capitalism, the spectre of free information"

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels' Communist Manifesto foretold the end of private property and the inevitable rise of a workers' paradise. Though this failed as a political movement, there are extraordinary parallels between Communist ideology and the current intellectual property reform movement. In this seminar, Dan Hunter will discuss the degree to which the parallels are meaningful, and explain why this movement is a Marxist one. From this we can gain some understanding of how the Marxist underpinnings of the intellectual property reform movement will create challenges for intellectual property industries.

Generously sponsored by Davies Collison Cave

For further information and registration details please visit: http://www.ipria.org/events/index.html

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