[Linux-aus] A fresh -- and optimistic -- take on patents and open source

William Croft wcroft at west.com.au
Wed Aug 4 13:34:01 UTC 2004

The article below may help...

Title 	   	A fresh -- and optimistic -- take on patents and open source
Date 	   	2004.08.02 4:00

On Wednesday 04 August 2004 11:05, pia at linux.org.au wrote:
> Arjen Lentz writes:
> > But we can still use all this, if we inventorise and categorise all
> > relevant applications. This makes things much more transparent and
> > visible for media and politicians. We can point out specific problems
> > using real examples. That's always better than generics.
> > Basically, I am suggesting, and I think this jives with what Pia was
> > aiming for, that we vigorously expose it all. Starting NOW. It is in
> > fact a pity we didn't start it before....
> >
> > Also, we have "friends" at IP Australia. Developers from there have been
> > at the Linux confs in the past. We may be able to get some assistance in
> > making sense of all this.
> Arjen, this is AWESOME! Thankyou! Let's get onto this. Can anyone see ways
> to automate this? Help from our "friends" would be useful in understanding
> the process, but we need to make sure this process is _totally_ kosher, so
> that when we come out with data, it isn't dubious.
> To be honest, if we can't automate it, worst case scenario is a rotating
> team of people watching the new patents and posting them to linux-aus (or
> another list), or even better, to a website (with reminders to linux-aus or
> other) so that people can check them when they can. I guess that have a few
> teams from different areas would be useful, that way we can bounce
> different patents to relevant people who may be able to give prior art off
> the top of their heads. I'm certainly willing to coordinate setting this
> up, as I think it is a very succinct and quantifiable way to get our point
> across, while protecting ourselves at the same time :) I'm going to try put
> some more specific ideas together tonight and post them.
> We may also be able to ask for anyone being pressured to submit patents to
> let us know (anonymously of course).
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