[Linux-aus] ACS Policy on Open Source, based on OSEGs good work

Pia Smith pia at linux.org.au
Wed Apr 28 09:12:01 UTC 2004

Hi all,

The OSEG (Open Source Experts Group) team, which is made up of several
knowlegable people on Open Source from around the country assisted ACS
in devising an Open Source policy. Attached is the draft, which still
had some work to go, but you can see quite a positive response for ACS,
who seem quite pro-FOSS atm. This is good for us as the ACS have
resources and the ear of the government in certain matters, and we are
happy that OSEG could facilitate this knowledge transfer.

OSEG in the future may end up being a government contact point on Open
Source, or simply an advisory committee for projects that come up, such
as company/org/gov policy on FOSS and the like. We are still debating
its future. For more information on the OSEG groups current standing,
check out http://opensource.org.au/oseg/ and please feel free to ask any
questions about the group :)

Pia Smith <pia at linux.org.au>
Linux Australia
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