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Wed Apr 21 13:18:01 UTC 2004

Leon Brooks wrote:
> This must be terrifying to Microsoft, because Open Source is now 
> becoming most popular in precisely those areas where they have the 
> widest margins and greatest dominance. The one bastion remaining to 
> them is the desktop, OpenOffice.org is making huge inroads there.

Just an anecdote I heard a few weeks ago - a major hospital invited
Microsoft to offer it an over-haul for their computer systems. Microsoft
were apparently in a combat mood to eliminate any option that the
audience will even dream about thinking about Linux and kept pumping
that "MS is better TCO and better ROI and better this and better that
than Linux and open source".

The audience became very curious about what's Linux, because they never
heard of it before and the MS people seemed to be very worried when
they mentioned Linux.

So they asked the admin of one of the departments who knew something
about Linux to investigate their options.

Result: this hospital got itself a policy to switch completly to Linux.



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