[Linux-aus] LinMagAu Survey Results - Eighth Edition

Kimberly Shelt kim at linmagau.org
Tue Sep 30 11:03:01 UTC 2003

Hello all,

Our eigth edition .. :)

We won..!!
The Community section Award from AUUG Open Source Awards recently announced
at their annual conference.. 
There will be an official "handing over" ceremony of the little tux statuette
we won.. and there is a big article about the whole thing in this edition :)
See the LinMagAu Update..

The Survey is done.. 
Phew "munging" the results was harder than coming up with the questions :)
A big report and stats break down .. and some comments from folks :)

And finally a way for you to support LinMagAu.. in a tangible way :)
Send someone from LinMagAu (probably me) to LCA2004.. 
or just make a donation to cover costs and help us to bring more good stories to you ..
See the PayMate button on the site.. 
NB: a local online payment system.. and it works :)

So the issue in full.. 

Software and Apps 

 Debain Universe - Synaptic 
 HTML Tidy 
 A Bare Bones Guide to Firewalls 
 Tools aid move off Exchange Servers 
 Demo CD's - Lindows 

Other Features

  Mobile Internet Connectivity - of sorts 
  Bird Business -Linux Desktops in an SME 
  E-commerce is doomed 
  Broken Links; Autopackage-Interview 
  Microsoft "Shared Source" Seminar ??? 
  Distro Day revisited 

Tips and Tricks

  A "short" walk through /usr 
  Via 82xx sound under Mandrake 9.1 using ALSA 
  Linux Dictionary 
  Grep and TAB 
  Evolution as Gnome email handler - Mandrake 9.1 
  RedHat Tricks and Tips 


 AUUG OS Community Award 
 (LinMagAu Wins) 
 OSS for School Teachers Workshop 
 Annodex.net core team Intro (NSW) 
 Speakers at LUV (VIC) 
 LUG Foucus - CLUG (ACT) 
 TLUG Installfest - (QLD) 

Survey - Results 

Special Deals - Current offers 
Conferences & Events

 Darlug - Installfest 
 Connecting the Future' Returns for 2003 
 EducationaLinux - Registrations Open 
 OASIS Open Standards 
 <inspiration> AGDA + Port-80 
 Special Interest User Group Day 
 Mount Isa IT Expo 
Ideation and Fun

 My hardware is bigger than yours! 
 New patch - kfishd 
 Random gatherings 
 SCO Fun 


 Game Editor 
 Linux Australia 
Email of the Month

 Linux and the ATO? 

We hope you are continuing to enjoy the mag.. and look forward to more of you coming
forwarded and writing for us.. or even sending us links or hints on who we can chase up :)

Kimberly Shelt

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