[Linux-aus] LCA2006 - has any state staked a claim?

David Lloyd lloy0076 at adam.com.au
Wed Sep 24 07:43:03 UTC 2003


> Whoever it is: have a detailed, careful budget ready. This will take you
> months elapsed and man-weeks of effort. I don't know precisely how
> Adelaide got the gong for '04 (I left before that to get on an
> international flight) but I was part of the review team for Michael's
> meticulously researched bid document. (Perhaps a version of this could
> be made available by Michael and LA.)

That was easy:

 * Michael Davies and others did a lot of foot work
   - I also recall that you frantically ran about the professional
     delegates session drumming up support

 * Adelaide's delegation turned up en masse to the meeting to which it was

To be perfectly honest, I think Adelaide got LCA 2004 because those making
the decision could see that we were obviously much more organised. Whether
this was indeed true isn't what I'm talking about - it's the perception
that counted.

Incidentally, this left Michael and me with our heads spinning because we
expected to have a friendly but robust discussion about why Adelaide
should get the coference; instead we ended up with "You've got the
conference" and then had to, ummm, do a quick rethink and change the
presentation from "This is why we should" to "Here are some of our ideas".

So, friendly advice (it's not official advice by the way), if you want to
get an LCA:

 * Be organised
   - I can't stress that enough

 * Make sure that all the main organisers are at the conference where it
   is decided

 * Get your local LUG interested well before

 * Pester the right people

In essence, make sure that you can prove you've already thought about how
an LCA might work in your city, The precise details will change but a
perception that you've thought about it enough to be able to get those
details in order will definitely help.

And finally, make sure all "The Royals" in your LUG support it. The less
dissension in the ranks and the more teamwork that can be seen the better


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