[Linux-aus] [Fwd: Microsoft "Shared Source" Seminar details]

David Lloyd dlloyd at microbits.com.au
Tue Sep 23 08:05:01 UTC 2003


> > Your answers are all good and worthy but the decision to allow and
> > participate in "Shared Source" won't be made by people who would
> > understand it or want to hear it. 
> Pardon me for giving input Lloyd, but I thought the request was for solid
> and real points that someone could use in a meeting about "Shared Source"
> vs"Open Source", particularly on a governmental, research or economic
> level.

My name is actually David, although I believe in Wales it's more common to
see "Lloyd David".

> As far as I knew, neither Stalin nor the Pope would be at this meeting. 
> Sorry if I misunderstood the audience.

You misunderstood my analogy.

If I recall correctly, The Pope was making noises about getting rid of
Communism through the use of ideas and beliefs. Stalin's response was,
basically, "And how many battalions does The Pope possess?".

I think we are going down the right path to get open source software acepted
by those who matter. However, we have to take the path of ideas and beliefs
as opposed to sheer power and demonstration thereof. 

Whilst this pathway tends to lead to a more long-lasting solution, it takes
a very, very long time. And I don't know whether we have the time.


[1] And I foreshadow a future where information does become as scarce and as
    valuable as oil, where Governments do go to war over information or the
    lack thereof but I digress

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